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Safety and

TFC Industrial Projects is a specialist in rope access, life lines and security systems for risk and liability tasks.

We install high-altitude elements and locate life lines for clients in sectors such as industry and construction. We work in buildings of all kinds and even for neighborhood communities.

We have the experience, training and knowledge necessary to carry out with the maximum guarantees of safety and reliability tasks that, due to their characteristics, are highly complex and risky.

We install approved lifelines to guarantee the safety of workers in the most diverse situations.

We have the relevant professionals and equipment to carry out vertical work and we also carry out work at height, in which the best training and the safest equipment are necessary, since they carry a high risk for the person who performs them if They don’t run properly.

In addition, we carry out work in confined spaces, those with limited entry and exit openings and unfavorable natural ventilation, where toxic or flammable contaminants can accumulate, or have an atmosphere deficient in oxygen, not very suitable for continued occupation by the professional.